Corey LeRue
Corey LeRue
Producer, Songwriter, Engineer
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Corey LeRue is an award winning producer, songwriter, remixer, and engineer. Corey’s love for music started at a young age when he learned to dj on his fathers turntables. He started playing trumpet when he was 10, and began to experiment with music production at the age of 15. After high school, Corey went on to get a diploma in both recording arts and radio production.

At the age of 27, Corey now carries and impressive discography of both local and International artists. With multiple Gold Records and the ability to make ideas happen very quickly, Corey has become a go-to producer for pop and EDM in Canada. 

After founding and touring with one of Canada’s fastest rising acts Neon Dreams, Corey made the decision to step off the road. His focus was then turned to production and creating Dreaming Out Loud Records with his fellow band members. His highly original sound and vision caught the ear of Warner Music Canada, which in 2017 joined in a partnership with Dreaming Out Loud Records. 

Going into 2019 Corey’s stock continues to rise working with artists such as: Shaun Frank, Lexy Panterra, Delaney jane, Ria Mae, Neon Dreams, JRDN, BRDGS, and Jodi guthro just to name a few.