Corey LeRue
Corey LeRue
Producer, Songwriter, Engineer




about you - neon dreams (producer, writer)

Shy (feat. FAANGS) - Karate kactus (producer, Writer)

break the silence (feat. Ann christine) - Corey lerue (producer, writer, mixer)

high school dropout (remix) - Neon dreams x 4korners (producer, writer)

My Love - lexy panterra ft mozzy (Producer, Mixer)

where do you go - shaun frank ft. lexy panterra (producer, writer)

high school dropout - neon dreams (producer, writer)

fall - jodi guthro (Producer, writer, mixer)

What do i know - gabrielle papillion (producer, mixer)


Lies - lexy panterra (Producer, writer, mixer)

not at peace - ria mae (writer)

Think About You - BRDGS (Producer, Writer, mixer)

Believe - BRDGS - (Producer, Writer,mixer)

YSYLM - BRDGS ( Producer, Writer, mixer)

loser (corey lerue remix) - T. Thomason (remixer)

Guilty - Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer)

Shots Fired - Jodi Guthro (Producer, Writer, mixer)

Better - JRDN (Producer, Writer, mixer)

All My Friends - BRDGS (Producer, Writer)

Fortune - Saint Yves, BRDGS (Producer, mixer)

Ain’t Enough - Jodi Guthro (Producer, Writer, mixer)

Shape Of My Mind - Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer)

broken wings - jodi guthro (mixer)

idea of you - port cities (mixer)

Heights - Jodi Guthro (Producer, Writer, mixer)

Idea Of You (Corey LeRue Remix) - Port Cities (Remixer, mixer)


Wolf, Princess & Me - Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer, mixer)

Rescue - Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer, mixer)

Power - Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer, mixer)

Deep Water - Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer, mixer)

Insane - Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer, mixer)

Do What You Want - Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer, mixer)

vibe - famba (mastering)

feel something (famba remix) - a sho (mastering)

cautious (famba remix) - tyler shaw (mastering)

change the game - quake matthews (producer, writer, mixer)

celebrate the struggle lp - quake matthews (mixer)

Acoustic Sessions EP - Neon dreams (producer, Writer, mixer)

when the heart attacks - gabrielle papillion (Producer, mixer)

keep the fire - gabrielle papillion (mixer)

three years - gabrielle papillion (mixer)

deep in the earth - gabrielle papillion (mixer)

no paradise - gabrielle papillion (mixer)

Space - Famba Ft. Toito, Karli (Producer, Writer)

Confessions - Quake Matthews Ft. Neon Dreams (Producer, mixer)

So Many Nights - Jodi Guthro (Producer, Writer, mixer)

Machu Picchu - Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer, mixer)

colours (Neon Dreams remix) - michelle treacy (remixer, mixer)


Ooh Love (Neon Dreams Remix) - Ria Mae (Remixer, mixer)

Marching Bands - Neon Dreams Ft. Kardinal Offishall (Producer, Writer, mixer)

Find A Way - Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer, mixer)

If I Say - Neon Dreams (Writer, mixer)

The Truth - Neon Dreams (Writer. mixer)

To You - Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer. mixer)

Wallpaper - Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer. mixer)

Dance On Me - Dylan Guthro (Producer, Writer. mixer)

Love Somebody - Dylan Guthro (Producer, Writer, mixer)

Here Till’ The Morning - Dylan Guthro, Quake Matthews (Producer, Writer. mixer)

Years - Famba, Neon Dreams (Producer, Writer, mixer)


gold - ria mae (mixer)

clothes off (neon dreams remix) - ria mae (remixer, mixer)

thoughts on fire (neon dreams remix) - ria mae (remixer, mixer)

throw me in the fire - quake matthews Ft. dylan guthro (producer, writer, mixer)

helluva - quake matthews ft. Dylan guthro (producer, writer, mixer)

get out of the way - quake matthews ft. ria mae & dj iv (producer, writer, mixer)